Wasteland Subscription

Funds raised by your subscription will be used to support servers hosting and development. We invest lots of personal time and effort to provide you with best gameplay experience. Please consider supporting us!

2 months
one time payment
6 months
5+1 free
12 months
10+2 free
physical item gift!
$5.99 monthly $11.98 one time $29.95 one time $59.90 one time

Subscription details
Subscription cost is 5.99 USD per month. You get 1 free month if you buy 6 months. You get 2 free months if you buy 12 months. There is also a physical item that will be shipped to you if you buy 12 months!
Payments are processed by Paypal, which accepts cards as well. If you are looking for some other payment method like bitcoin please contact us.
CGC Wasteland Subscription grants you non gameplay affecting perks according to Bohemia policy on our Stratis, Malden, Tanoa A3Wasteland servers. If you want to donate instead - this page is for you: CGC Donate
Monthly subscription is recurring payment and you will be charged every month until you cancel. 6 months and 12 months options are 1 time payment.

Subscription perks
• Reserved slot
• Excluded from team balancing
• Access to vehicle and uniform skins
• Private Teamspeak3 channel

How to subscribe
After you pay with Paypal you must reach us on Discord or via forum private message and send us your Email, Steam UID and desired Teamspeak channel name and password. Here is how you find your Steam UID. Subscription is activated manually by our team and would normally be activated at the same day.

How to cancel monthly subscription
Follow this guide to Unsubscribe

Refund policy
If you feel that you subscribed by accident you have 72 hours to request a refund. After that period of time we reserve the right to refuse refunds except special cases. If you decide to chargeback without communicating with us first you will be banned on our servers and forums.

Thank you very much for playing, enjoying and supporting our CGC servers!
Regards, combatgaming.club team.