The Reapers wants you!

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The Reapers wants you!


Unread post by Jaxes » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:20 am

The Reapers is a band of players who work in the shadows, we are unseen, unheard.
We act on revenge, growth, threats and support.
Semi-Serious English speaking clan.
For more information about the recruiting process, follow the link down below,
But keep in mind that very few will be approved, we need to be selective. Our goal is to hit 6 Members (4 Currently), but our max is 10. After we hit 10 members, all recruiting will be closed.
(Ps, all members will receive a certificate upon approval as proof of the membership)



Good luck to you and we'll meet on Chernarus, as friendly or foe. //The Reapers
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Jaxes, founder and manager of The Reapers clan

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