Wasteland Rules

How to not get banned and avoid common issues
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Wasteland Rules


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By joining and playing on our servers you abide these rules

General, Behavior Rules:
  • Do not use racist, fascist, homophobic or unsightly language towards anyone
  • Extensive use of side voice chat, loud noises, screaming, yelling, continuous transmission forbidden
  • Taunting behavior towards other players are forbidden
  • Respect players and staff
  • Advertising other servers are forbidden
  • Impersonating an admin is forbidden
  • Do not argue with administration, all our decisions are final
  • Using any kind of dupe,hack, bug, exploit, glitch to gain advantage over other players is forbidden
  • Ban evading and use of multiple accounts are forbidden
  • If you see someone breaking rules it doesn’t allow you to do the same, you will be punished as well
  • Combat logging is forbidden. Additionally if you are marked as VIP you must deposit the money first before logging out
  • If you witness someone breaking rules report it to the staff on discord with evidence
  • Teamkilling is handled by the automatic punish system. 1 punish = warning, 2 punish = kill and kick to Independent till the next restart, however extensive teamkilling meant to take vehicle of high value or money should be reported to the staff.
  • Placing objects, vehicles, structures, buildings outside of map boundaries and in air floating are forbidden
Additional Rules and Useful Info:
  • No compensation for lost vehicles due to: Arma bugs, Server bugs, Connection issues, Random server shutdown, Hacker destroying vehicles
  • Log out in timely manner before restart (+10min) to avoid losing progress in money, gear or stored vehicle wise
  • Placed objects de-spawn after 5 days if they are not picked up and placed again.
  • Ghosting (Relaying information to someone not on the same side, or helping them in any way) is forbidden
  • Make sure you don’t annoy rest of your teammates, form groups and use group chat to talk to each other
  • If you require support, do so on our discord instead of trying to communicate in-game with an admin

Some rules might get added or change without prior notice, please make sure you are always up-to-date of the rules.