safe zone abusing

Hackers, glitchers, dupers, cheaters, rule breakers. All should be reported here.
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safe zone abusing


Unread post by Smoker » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:10 pm

Who: Hated and Mikial
Reason: Safe Zone abuse / Duping or abusing game mechanics to gain unfair advantage is forbidden.

Context: Me (green arrows) were driving a armored car, when i popped out of woods i saw armed apc(red arrows), when i came close to the road they instantly turned left. They took their position and took shots on me and killing me inside. Then they instantly got to the car, towed it to trader. Before all of that, they were rushing out of trader, ramming other players and shooting them. I dont see a rule that says u cant camp traders (why tho?!) but going in and out of Safe Zone, harming other players is against rule:
"Duping or abusing game mechanics to gain unfair advantage is forbidden.".

screen 1
screen 2

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Re: safe zone abusing


Unread post by Squeekie » Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:21 pm

it's not illega to camp safezones on cgc, it is illegal if they use safezone as a safehaven between kills. the pictures shows nothing that is illegal from what I can see. I will note down the names and spectate them when I'm around to see their playstyle

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Re: safe zone abusing


Unread post by Mikial » Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:48 pm

Erm, wat... We were following you for 1km ish. We then killed you right before you entered traders. We went over to loot your body to then enter traders as intended, right when we went over your friend ran over and tried to kill us (forgot his name) we did no abuse safezone in anyway to escape combat or whatever. We just caught you after a 1000m chase that happened to be right before entering traders. Just to add, the 2nd screenshot is not to do with considering we killed this guy after being out of safezone for like 1 hour, then entered. We never exited to kill this guy...

Edit: The ramming and shooting, legit has nothing to do with us, we never did that and never have. So that is lies saying it was us.

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